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Custom AC/DC Power Supply for UAV and Wind Tunnels Applications


Custom AC/DC Power Supply for UAV and Wind Tunnels Applications

MCB Electronics has designed and developed a versatile customizable AC/DC system perfectly suitable for powering test stands dedicated to UAV and Wind Tunnels applications.

Powering test stands controlling propellers performances has never been easier.

Thanks to MCB Power-Spin, UAV test stands designers and UAV manufacturers can brilliantly test any drone bypassing the on-board battery with the following upsides:

  • power supply continuity during the long endurance tests without any interruption due to battery replacement or battery recharge,
  • limitation of the charging cycles and therefore, preservation of the battery performances
  • dramatic reduction of the fire risk typical of any storage system at the production/testing facility

Starting from a single custom module is possible to parallelize more units in order to meet the most various output Voltage and Amperage ranges required by the customer.

MCB Power-Spin can support any worldwide AC mains electricity in input according to the required and specified specifications provided by the customer:

  • Single-Phase (120Vac 50/60Hz - 230/240Vac 50/60Hz)
  • Two-Phase (2 x 120Vac 50/60Hz)
  • Three-Phase (3 x 208Vac 50/60Hz - 3 x 400Vac 50/60Hz - 3 x 480Vac 50/60Hz - 3 x 600Vac 50/60Hz)

Upon express request, MCB put in place the option to equip the Power-Spin with an external device capable to automatically detect the local AC mains electricity and accordingly setting up the unit in output without any human interaction.

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